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Future-Proofing the Industry

09:45 Global Economic Outlook: The Dynamics of a Changing World Adjust your business strategy to adapt to changing global economy – A vital insight into a changing world.

10:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: How the Feed Additives Industry is Changing How to remain relevant in our rapidly changing and consolidating market and future proof your business.

11:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Identifying the Challenges in Animal Husbandry Gain a deeper understanding of additives customers needs by understanding their animal nutrition solutions requirements.

12:25 The True Environmental Impact of the Value Chain Examining the true environmental impact of animal production.

13:20 Lunchtime Briefing: InnovaFeed – Opportunities for Insect Oil 

14:10 INTERACTIVE SESSION: Are Food Industry Disruptors a Threat? Cell-cultured meat, insects as food and duckweed burgers – Unveil the potential threats to the livestock market and prepare for market shifts.

15:10 How consumer opinions are impacting the value chain Position your products and marketing strategies to meet the needs of newly informed consumers and their changing opinions.

16:15 What is the Future of Farming? Exploring what the future might hold for your customers and the value chain.

16:45 Industry Insight from Feedinfo: Then, Now, and Later Exploring the key issues that have impacted the industry and predictions for animal nutrition trends between 2020 and 2040.


Feed Formulators Europe
Part A

09:15 FEED FORMULATORS PANEL: Discussing challenges and solutions Hear from some of the world’s biggest feed producers to understand the challenges they face, how they select nutritional solutions and their role in supporting antibiotic free farming.

10:15 Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Viral Contamination of Feed Understanding the transmission of common viruses including African Swine Fever and what feed mills can do to reduce the risk of contamination.

11:30 EXCLUSIVE SESSION: Nutritional Strategies to Reduce the Use of Antibiotics In this double session, gain insight into the new guidance from the FAO on nutrition strategies to support the reduction of antibiotics in livestock farming and learn about innovative approaches on how tackle this global problem.

12:30 Overcoming Animal Health Issues Through Effective Formulation Reviewing some of the challenges in poultry, swine and ruminant animal health and how formulation can support solutions to ensure your feed is supporting challenges in animal husbandry.

13:20 Lunchtime Briefing: Feed Additive Regulations, What’s new? Hosted by Pen & Tec.

14:10 Alternatives to Zinc Oxide in Feed Formulation Ensure you are making the best decision about alternative feed ingredients to zinc oxide.

14:40 Strategies to Improve Feed Efficiency Explore new feed efficiency strategies to achieving enhanced nutritional value beyond standard macro-nutrient delivery.

15:40 Formulation with Varying Quality of Ingredients Implementing procedures to drive efficiencies and save money – How do you best adjust for quality variation in finished feed and overcome issues in feed additives quality?

16:20 Reducing Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Feed Formulation Reviewing up to date research into reducing livestock greenhouse gas emissions to make certain your feed is supporting sustainability in the value chain and addressing this crucial issue.

09:15 Examining Agricultural Trends Identifying business critical economic trends impacting agribusinesses from a financial perspective, with strategic insight into what to expect for the future.

09:50 Trade Laws, Wars and Barriers Direct comment from the European Commission on the current status of trade laws and wars and how these are affecting the value chain, including the impact on trade from livestock diseases such as African Swine Fever.

10:20 The Economic Impact of African Swine Fever A review of the impact of African Swine Fever on different economies, markets and pork prices from a leading independent consultancy & market research firm. Hear the latest verified numbers and a summary of the global implications.

11:30 Global Trends in Aquaculture The FAO paints a global picture of aquaculture and how it is changing around the world with details on emerging aquaculture markets and current strategies for production.

12:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: Industry Recruitment Challenges and Solutions How the feed additives workforce is changing, what we will need in the future and innovative recruitment strategies to access the next generation of employees.

13:20 Lunchtime Briefing: Feed Additive Regulations… What’s new? Hosted by Pen & Tec

14:10 FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Amino Acids Supply-Demand 2004-2018 This exclusive session will provide insight into supply and demand developments for amino acids and vitamins over the past 15 years. Our analyst will also detail expected shifts in production capacity to help future-proof your purchasing and sales strategies.

14:40 FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Vitamins and Amino Acids Market Outlooks In this exclusive session you will hear from Feedinfo News Service’s Lead Analyst on the outlooks for the global vitamins and amino acids markets and what could influence pricing in the future.

15:40Update on Sea Freight Trends and Legislation Understand the dynamics in sea freight pricing and the global regulations impacting freight planning; how will shipping affect supply and pricing?

16:10 Examining Feed Materials Markets Industry Preparing for volatility in the market with solid plans during supply or production difficulties.


Market Trends and Procurement
Part B


Legislation and Future Markets
Part A

08:40 Reviewing European Legislation Drive efficiencies in your product registration processes by gaining insight into regulation European specialty feed ingredients legislation.

09:25 ORGANIC FARMING PANEL DISCUSSION: Legislation and Implementation Hear from organic livestock experts to understand the principals and values of organic farming and identify how your products can fit into this animal husbandry approach.

11:00 GMO Regulations in the Value Chain Understanding how to interpret European GMO legislation for specialty feed ingredients.

11:35 Investment Trends in the Value Chain Understand the trends investors are seeing, what start-ups are exciting and where investors put their money.

13:30 Antibiotic Usage in Different Markets Looking at the current usage of antibiotics across the region to identify the differences and which markets might benefit from alternative approaches and products.

14:00 Changing Livestock Production Markets in Western Europe With a focus on dairy markets, this sessions will explore how consumer purchasing is changing in Western Europe.

14:30 Insight into Alternative Proteins Markets Analysing alternative feed protein markets year by year growth so you can understand the market coverage and growth we are seeing and what to expect for the future of these markets.

08:40 A Review of Recent Advancements into Animal Nutrition and Feed Research This extended session we examine Wageningen’s recent feed and nutrition related research and new projects, to gain insight into up to date areas of study for this world leading agricultural university.

09:40 Utilising Gut Biomarkers for Animal Resilience and Nutritional Efficacy Sharing insights into important gut barrier and cytoprotective biomarkers

11:00 Advances in our Knowledge of Livestock Gut Microbiomes Up to date insight and new research in the role additives play in supporting animal gut health, including increasing our knowledge of probiotic feed additives and digestibility.

11:30 A New Generation of Novel Feed Ingredients Reviewing the research into new emerging feed ingredients that are addressing some of the challenges in animal husbandry and sustainability.

12:00 From Nutrient to Additive: The Use of Free Amino Acids in Pig Nutrition Assessing the research into amino acids and the potential they have in the current environment of swine animal husbandry

13:30 The Mode of Action of Plant Based Additives Scientific developments in understanding the modes of action of plant-based additives to learn about the effectiveness of this growing market.

14:00 Fats and their Components in Animal Nutrition and Formulation Insight into new research around fats in formulation and the role their components play as feed additives to better understand how to better use these substances in formulation.

14:30 Feed Additives to Support Animal Welfare How feed additives that can be used to improve animal welfare and the challenges in research due to animal welfare legislation.


Feed Additives Research
Part B