Agenda Overview

All content and speakers have been researched and vetted by Feedinfo News Service, ensuring an independent and unbiased agenda, with no sales pitches or commercial pressure.

Day 1: Wednesday 25th September

Future-Proofing the Industry

PART 1: Feed Additives in a Changing World

This session will address how the world is changing, how the feed additives industry is moving forward and the future of livestock farming.

Join us to learn how to future-proof your business in a changing value chain.

PART 2: Disruptors to the Industry

This section will look at disruptors that could impact the livestock value chain including changing consumer opinions, food companies that could revolutionise what we will eat and the environmental impact of the value chain.

Attend this section to gain insight into emerging threats to the industry so you can develop products that ensure your business remains a relevant player in the market. 

Feedinfo 20th Anniversary Networking Reception
in partnership with Pen & Tec
Please join us in the hotel bar where you will be guided to coaches that will transport you to our city drinks reception venue

Day 2: Thursday 26th September

Feed Formulators Europe 2019

Feed Formulators Europe is the new one-day seminar specifically designed with content to meet the challenges of feed formulation.

PART 1: Supporting Animal Health

Hear from industry leaders and academics on formulation strategies for reduced antibiotic farming and reducing the risk of the viral contamination of feed.

This section will allow formulation stakeholders to better understand how the animal feed industry can support the livestock value chain.

PART 2: Formulation Challenges

Experts will address some of the big challenges for formulators including formulation with varying quality of raw materials, the interaction of feed additives in formulation zinc oxide alternatives and feed efficiency. Join us to gain ideas and solutions for some of the biggest challenges feed formulators face.

This will be followed by our Feed Additives Drinks Reception

Market Trends and Procurement

PART 1: Current Market Trends

In this section, we will look at agricultural trends including global trade, the impact of African Swine Fever and changing approaches to aquaculture.

This content will provide market information so you can better understand the key trends impacting your business.

PART 2: Strategic Procurement Insight

Hear from Feedinfo to gain key market outlooks for Vitamins and Amino Acids and gain insight into other subjects impacting procurement strategies in the feed additives industry.

Join us to better understand the crucial issues impacting your feed additives purchasing plans.

This will be followed by our Feed Additives Drinks Reception

Day 3: Friday 27th September

Legislation and Future Markets

PART 1: Legislation Impacting The Value Chain

Reviewing European and global legislation impacting the value chain including feed additives registration, organic farming laws and implementation and GMO regulations.

Join us to gain insight into issues that could impact how you regulate your products and which companies you can sell them to.

PART 2: The Future of Feed Markets

The section will cover content including the trends investors are seeing in agriculture, why antibiotic usage varies in different countries and insight into new alternative protein markets.

Hear about new trends that could disrupt current feed markets and impact the feed additives industry.

Feed Additives Research

PART 1: Advances in Animal Nutrition Research

Scientific experts will address subjects including the recent advancements in animal nutrition. This section will enable you to hear the latest developments in different areas of feed and animal nutrition research.

PART 2: Feed Additives Developments

Gain up to date technical insight into feed additives research including livestock gut microbiomes, underutilised amino acids and the mode of action of plant-based additives.

Attend this section to better understand new research in the field of specialty feed ingredients.

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