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Over three days of informative content, Feed Additives 2017 will address four key themes:

Market Insight and Strategy
Policy and Regulation
Product Innovation
Technical Research and Development

Our flexible pricing structure means you can purchase a pass for any 2 days of the event, or the full 3 days to allow you to choose the content and networking opportunities of most value to you.

All content and speakers have been researched and vetted by Feedinfo News Service, ensuring an independent and unbiased agenda, with no sales pitches or commercial pressure.


Tailor made for senior stakeholders and commercial teams, the MARKET INSIGHT AND STRATEGY day is designed to help you evolve the global strategy of your business.

This must-attend day will offer insight into current market information and forecast future trends to support the development of new commercial opportunities.

Key topics covered include:

  • Current and potential growth markets for specialty feed ingredients
  • Macro-economic issues impacting the industry
  • Overviews of the amino acids and vitamins markets
  • The global landscape of antibiotic usage and where the commercial opportunities are
  • Feed additive usage in key regions such as China and South America


Our section on PRODUCT INNOVATION will identify areas of development to drive the strategic direction of your R&D functions and commercial teams.

The costly and timely process of product registration is addressed in our section on POLICY AND REGULATION where attendees will gain analysis of legislation from around the world.

Key topics covered include:

  • How the digital revolution will advance the feed additives sector
  • Reviewing innovative research into gut health
  • How the feed additives industry can support changes throughout the value chain
  • Understanding the EU and EFSA procedures for registering specialty feed ingredients
  • Creating a more efficient regulation process


The Technical R&D Workshops focus on scientific and technological advances and provide information about how the feed additives sector is innovating.

Divided into three specific streams focusing on developments in the fields of Enzymes, Minerals and Eubiotic & Phytogenic additives, a call for papers will ensure new discoveries that impact the feed additives sector are discussed.

Key topics covered include:

  • Advancements in the field of feed enzymes, minerals and eubiotic and phytogenic additives
  • New technologies to develop and manufacture feed additives more efficiently
  • Innovative ways of dispensing additives
  • Reviewing recent scientific papers to gain a picture of developments from around the world
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