EASYBIO are partners of Feed Additives Asia 2018. We spoke with Stevenson Hwang, Managing Director and Paul Shin, Regional Director

[Feed Additives] Please provide an overview of your company and your role

[Stevenson Hwang] EASY BIO Since its foundation in 1988 with a clear vision to be a leader of the livestock industry, EASY BIO has been rapidly developed to become one of the world’s foremost companies in the field of animal and bioengineering through innovative ideas and technologies. We have been leading the international market by developing the world’s foremost feed additives through our high-end fermentation technologies and our Canadian and British companies. A wide range of our brand products such as Endo-Power (a powerful digestion accelerator), Lipidol (the world’s first absorption accelerator), AcceLA (an innovative metabolism accelerator) and Fermkito (the only natural fermented chitosan & chitosan oligosaccharides), are being sold throughout the world including Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Our research infrastructure is constantly developing new eco-friendly materials and products, striving to build up an active global network with the most updated bio-scientific technologies in fermentation, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental engineering, genetic engineering, and more. We have taken a lead role in establishing new standards of the food value chain for the overall improvement of life quality of all people with three core values: ‘Think New’, ‘Keep Challenge’ and ‘Share Value’.

I’m Managing Director of EASY BIO who is responsible for the feed additives business with the concurrent position with CEO of Pathway Intermediates in UK.

[Paul Shin] Since it was founded in 1988, EASY BIO has devoted itself to raising the competitiveness of the Korean livestock industry. We firmly believe that production of safe and reliable animal protein foods is the only way to survive.

EASY BIO became the most competitive animal industry company in Korea in 30 years. We are now making efforts to expand this vision of EASY BIO to the global market.

Based on EASY BIO’s environment-friendly and cost-saving feed additive and biotechnology, we are doing our utmost to support our overseas partners that they can contribute to raise the competitiveness of livestock industry of their countries. We are actively developing new products and entering overseas business to accomplish this target.

[Feed Additives] How has the market changed during your time in the industry?

[Stevenson Hwang] Scale-up would be one of the biggest changes for last decades especially in Asia. Animal industries have been rapidly integrated vertically or horizontally, so the border lines among manufacturers, suppliers and customers are fading now. Consumers’ concern on food safety also changed many things in animal industry such as antibiotic growth promoters, animal welfare, farming style, new area of natural feed additives including essential oils and plant extracts and others. The concerns of food safety have also affected a lot to the government’s regulations in many countries mostly to much strictly ways. According to the development of Information and Communication Technologies, information and knowledge have been much flattened, so anybody can easily approach to any information so that unique ideas and technologies couldn’t be as they are for a long time.

[Paul Shin] When we started business in 1988, the easiest way to improve our performance was to sell antibiotics growth promoter for feed use. The livestock industry in Korea was a booming market, and many feed companies were focused on the increase of their business size than cost saving and environmental friendly way. However, EASY BIO already expected the strict regulation on antibiotics use in animal feeds and policy toward environmental protection. This pioneer forecast leaded us to choose the difficult but worthwhile path to save cost and environment. In fact, over the last 30 years, global livestock industry has become more interested in food safety and environmental protection as well as the growth of market size.

[Feed Additives] What are the biggest challenges your customers are facing?

[Stevenson Hwang] The directions that most of companies in this industry are very much similar, which pursues competitiveness in globalized market conditions. According to this situation, our customers are facing and challenging to have more competitiveness compared to other competitors not only from domestic but also from foreign countries. This is not only about price, but also in the aspect of quality and safety.
Animal disease issue would be also one of the biggest challenges in this industry, and the damages by animal diseases are being severer due to the scale-up and the centralization of farm business. The abuse of antibiotics, unfortunately, worsen the situation in disease control cycle.

[Paul Shin] Over the past several decades, the global livestock market has grown rapidly, but at the same time uncertainty is growing, including climate change and the replacement of traditional fuel by oil from grain sources, all of whom are concerned about the sustainability of livestock industry. We are striving not only to improve growth performance of livestock industry but also to reduce costs in order to ensure business sustainability. Our customers are striving to secure cost competitiveness relative to competitors.

[Feed Additives] How do you think the market will evolve in the next 20 years?

[Stevenson Hwang] Limitation of animal protein supply in the developed countries and rapid growth of animal industry both in developing and underdeveloped countries will be the main direction of global animal industry for the next 20 years, and lots of development will be driven by those countries as most of developed countries have experienced and achieved for last decades. However, they may meet also similar big challenges that we are facing now.

[Paul Shin] Today, all industries are preparing for the fourth industrial revolution. Recently, Chinese IT company Alibaba announced that it will start AI business for swine management. I believe that the combination of animal industry and IT will accelerate in the future to increase food safety and management efficiency. It is expected to increase efficiency in the field of animal nutrition and raising through accomplishment of cost reduction and management efficiency by convergence with IT industry.

[Feed Additives] What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

[Stevenson Hwang] We firmly believe that each product from our farmers should be made competitive globally in cost and quality, that our consumers at table should be satisfied with our products in terms of price as well as quality and safety, that enhancing farmers’ competitiveness and satisfying consumers’ safety is the only and right way that we can survive in this industry, that we can only grow through the cooperation and partnership. So the networking with our potential customers and business partners is very important for us to create the right solutions for the markets.
EASY BIO is not only a feed additives company but also a vertically integrated company in animal industry by operating biotechnology, animal health, feed, farms and foods businesses who can provide total solutions on the problems that our customers are facing in various businesses. Networking with these potential customers may enable for us to strategically prepare the customized solutions.
At the same time, strengthening our competitiveness as a total solution provider is very important since it promises us to be survived as a real partner of our potential customers. So the networking with other exist solution providers in the market for the strategic business partnership, investment and acquisition is one of our top priority business, and we do expect for us to expand our networking with the customers and potential business partners through this conference.

[Paul Shin] EASY BIO is a major livestock company in Korea and has a great interest in entering the global market. Therefore, we are very open to communicate with various foreign companies attending the conference. In the fields of feed additives, animal feeds and food, Easy Bio is looking forward to meeting with major global companies.