Day 2 – Innovation

Thursday 17th May 2018

08:30 — Registration Opens

09:00 — Chair’s Opening Remarks

Santiago Ramirez, Principal Nutrition Consultant, FCR Consulting

09:10 — Keynote Panel Discussion – Feed Additives in Asia: 2050

Kevin Liu, Vice President – Technical Services & Business Development Asia Pacific, Adisseo
Robert Redman, General Manager, DSM
Haiko Zuidhoff
, Managing Director Cluster Asia, Trouw Nutrition

Join key leaders from the industry to discuss what we might see emerging over the next 30 years as part of the specialty feed ingredients value chain.

Overcoming Global Challenges

09:50 — Feed Additives, Factory Farming and the Environment

  • Feeding a growing population in Asia
  • Working towards overcoming sustainability challenges in Asia
  • Environmental legislation in Asia
  • How the value chain is working towards reducing emissions and pollution
  • What feed additives can do to overcome sustainability challenges

Muhammad Saeed, Director, Agriculture Department, Asian Productivity Organization

10:15 — Asian Food Safety, Food Scandals and Politics

  • Food safety concerns from consumers and how these impact on the feed additives market
  • Politics and food safety
  • Lessons learnt from recent food safety scandals from across the globe
  • How food safety systems are being arranged in the rest of the world

Masami Takeuchi, Food Safety Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

10:40 — Session Questions and Discussion

10:50 — Networking Tea and Coffee Break

11:20 — Feed Hygiene and Preservation in Asia

  • Innovative solutions for feed hygiene and preservation
  • Mycotoxins & mycotoxin deactivator demand

Justin Tan, Regional Sales & Marketing Director Asia Pacific, BIOMIN

11:50 — Questions and Discussion

12:00 — VIEWPOINTS SESSION: Innovative Use of Technology as part of the Value Chain

  • What will the farm of the future look like and how smart farming may affect feed and feed additives
  • The use of AgDrones in Asia
  • Digitalisation in industry and looking to the future and IoT
  • Blockchain usage in Asia
  • Effective use of Big Data throughout the value chain

Gibran Huzaifah Amsi El Farizy, Co-Founder and CEO, eFishery
Teerakiat Kerdcharoen, Scientist, Mahidol University

12:45 — Networking Lunch

13:10 — LUNCHTIME BRIEFING: Breaking into Asian Markets

What you need to know to break into some of the emerging Asian markets. 

Led by Michael Boddington from Asian Agribusiness Consulting

Innovation in Nutrition

14:00 — PANEL DISCUSSION: Antibiotic Usage in Asia- How Reliant is the Sector on AGPs and are there any Effective Replacements?

  • Current antibiotic use in Asia
  • Phytogenic additives, Probiotics, Enzymes and Organic Acids: do these products work as effective replacements?
  • Which feed additives groups have been seen to be cost-effective antibiotic substitutions?
  • Are there any proven and effective natural growth promoters?
  • How antibiotic reduction can be implemented under different farming conditions?

Budi Tangendjaja, Professor, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development and Technical Consultant for USGC and USSEC and Head of Expert Committee, Association of Indonesian Veterinary Medicine
Kyung-Woo Lee
, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science and Technology, Konkuk University
Jean-Christophe Bocquet
, Asia Technical and Nutrition Centre Manager, Neovia Asia
Swensen Huang, Technical Manager, Nutriad

14:40 — CASE STUDY: Reducing Antibiotic Usage in Europe

  • How antibiotic reduction was implemented in Europe
  • Learning from experience – the role feed additives have played in the reduction of antibiotics in Europe
  • How to raise livestock without antibiotics: what are the challenges and can these be overcome?
  • Changes to practical management approaches since the legislation was introduced

Gerard Van Eijden, Former Chairman, Dutch Pig Veterinarians, The Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD)

15:05 — Questions and Discussion

15:15 — Utilising Alternative Sources of Proteins and what we will be Using in the Near Future

  • New protein sources and their nutritional benefits
  • How feed additives function with these different feed sources
  • Extracting the maximum out of these materials
  • Using underutilised local raw materials as protein sources
  • The future of protein – what will be utilising in 5 years and 50 years in Asia?

Rommel Sulabo, Head of the Animal Nutrition Division, University of the Philippines Los Banos

15:40 — Questions and Discussion

15:50 — Networking Tea and Coffee

16:10 — VIEWPOINTS SESSION: Nutritional Support for the Livestock of the Future

  • Advances in genetics for poultry and pig species
  • What will the 2025 pig need?
  • What will the 2025 chicken need?

Somchit Sooncharernying, Poultry Nutritionist, Aviagen
Glen Illing, CEO, Roslin Technologies Limited and Partner & Director, JBI Equity Limited
Chris Opschoor
, Manager Feed Group, Topigs Norsvin
Sakchai Topanurak, Professor, Department of Animal Husbandry, Chulalongkorn University

17:15 — Bird Flu: An Increasing Threat for Asia’s Poultry Industry

  • What organisations are doing to reduce the risks
  • What can feed additives do to support these changes

Ricky Thaper, Member of Executive Body, Poultry Federation of India

17:40 — Questions and Discussion

17:50 — Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Conference

18:00 — Networking Event

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