Feedinfo launches new seminar for Feed Formulators alongside flagship conference

We are delighted to announce Feed Formulators Europe; the new one-day seminar co-located with Feed Additives Europe 2019 with content designed to meet the challenges of feed formulation.

Having consulted with senior experts in feed formulation across a variety of species, we have developed a programme that addresses the needs of specialists from feed mills and integrators

Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Strategies to reduce the risk of viral contamination in feed
  • Analysing the interaction of feed additives in formulation
  • Nutritional strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics
  • Formulation with varying quality of raw materials
  • Reducing agricultural COemissions through feed formulation
  • Methods of evaluating the efficacy of nutritional products

Join us in Amsterdam on the Thursday 26th September to gain key strategic insight into the issues impacting this industry.

Feed formulators working for companies whose sole business line is producing premix, or compound feed manufacturers can apply for subsidized tickets start from just €499.

To book tickets, or to discuss hosting meetings with feed formulators please contact ben.cronin@agribriefing.com