Day 2 – Thursday 27th September

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Attendees are free to move between the two streams

Stream 1:

08:15 — Registration and Networking Breakfast

09:00 — Chair’s Opening Remarks

09:10 — View from the WTO: Global Trade Deals and their Impact on Agriculture
In a world where trade deals can be torn up based on a tweet, understand the potential consequences to your company and the entire supply chain
Edwini Kessie, Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, World Trade Organization

Feed Additives Markets: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Phosphates

09:50 — FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Vitamins and Amino Acids Market Outlooks
EXCLUSIVE: Analysis and crucial predictions for the prices in the volatile vitamins market and key amino acids from our independent Lead Analyst
Martijn de Cocq, Lead Analyst, Feedinfo News Service

10:45 — Networking Tea and Coffee

11:25 — FEEDINFO EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT: Feed Phosphates Market Outlook
EXCLUSIVE: A review of the feed phosphate market and expectations for future pricing with our unbiased Analyst
Janos Gal, Analyst, Feedinfo News Service

12:00BASF: A Transparent review of the incident in the Citral plant
A frank review of the issues faced following the incident, how they were resolved, and BASF’s next steps
Christopher Rieker, Vice President, BASF Animal Nutrition

12:40 — Networking Lunch

Investment in the Value Chain

14:00 — Innovation and Venture Capital are Reshaping Industries, is Animal Nutrition Next?
Exploring how technology might impact the animal production value chain
Maarten Goossens, Co-founder and Principal, Anterra Capital

14:40 — M&A: Practical Challenges when Acquiring Companies
An active acquirer of feed and agri-businesses provides some lessons of the positives and negatives of buying firms in this sector
Abhishek Pandey, Managing Director, Corporate Development, Cargill

15:15 — Networking Tea and Coffee

Consumers Influence on the Value Chain

15:45 — View from the Table: The Restaurant’s Role in the Value Chain
What do large corporate buyers expect from farmers, and how does that impact animal nutrition requirements?
Jeroen Dekkers, Supply Chain Manager, McDonald’s
Floor Uitterhoeve, Manager Sustainability, McDonald’s

16:25 — How do Consumers Really View Meat Production?
A marketing expert offers insight into the mood of consumers and how their appetite impacts the additives value chain
Ludger Rolfes, Division Director, Animal Health & Nutrition Research, Produkt + Markt

17:00 — Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Day

17:05 — Networking Event

Stream 2:

08:15 — Registration and Networking Breakfast

09:00 — Chair’s Opening Remarks
Erik Dam Jensen, Chief Nutritionist, HEDEGAARD A/S Denmark, and Former Chair, Animal Nutrition Committee, FEFAC

09:10 — PANEL DISCUSSION: Needs and Challenges from the Compound Feed Industry
Feed formulators and nutritionists describe their requirements and how they select additives
Erik Dam Jensen, Chief Nutritionist, HEDEGAARD A/S Denmark, and Former Chair, Animal Nutrition Committee, FEFAC
Tom Hughes, Nutrition and Innovation Manager, Moy Park
Tone Stigen Martinsen, CEO and Consultant, Bjørnerød Konsult AS

Kees Geerse, Senior Nutritionist and Consultant, F2CARE
MODERATOR: Francesc Molist
, R&D Manager, Schothorst Feed Research

Feed Processing

10:05A Perspective on the Future of Industrial Animal Feed Technology
How new feed processing technology changes the needs of feed buyers
Fabrice Putier, Managing Director, Tecaliman

10:45 — Networking Tea and Coffee

11:25 — Feeding in the Transitional Period
Practical Information on feed formulation for monogastric animals during the transition period
Ellen van Eerden, Senior Researcher Poultry Nutrition, Schothorst Feed Research

12.05 — Nutritional Solutions in the Changing Landscape of Aquafeed
Reviewing challenges in aquaculture, alternatives to fishmeal and oil and the nutritional products to support these replacements
Hans Boon, Consultant, Aquaculture Experience

12.40 — Networking Lunch

The Future of Protein in Feed Formulation

14:00 — The Nutritional Potential of Alternative Protein Sources
Examining new protein sources to identify gaps in nutrition that require feed additives
Marinus van Krimpen, Senior Researcher, Wageningen Livestock Research

14:40 — Insect Proteins vs Plant-based Proteins
Prepare for changes in feed formulation if insect-based feed increases in popularity
Anton Gligorescu, Consultant in Insect ProductionDanish Technological Institute (DTI) 

15:15 — Networking Tea and Coffee

Feed Preservation

15:45Formaldehyde Reduction: The Background Story and Potential Impacts
What else can work as an effective alternative to prevent salmonella?
Mark Bond, Senior Scientific Advisor, Animal Feed, TSEs & Animal By-products, Food Standards Agency (UK)

16:15 — Advances in Feed Preservation: Are there Cost Effective Substitutions?
What can the industry put forward as an alternative to ethoxyquin and other banned preservatives
Koen Schwarzer, Manager, Feed Innovation, Perstorp

16:40 — SUMMARY SESSION: Market Information for Feed Formulation – Amino Acids and Vitamins
EXCLUSIVE: A summary of the changes in pricing which will impact feed formulation
Martijn de Cocq, Lead Analyst, Feedinfo News Service

17:00 — Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Day

17:05 — Networking Event

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