Day 3 – Friday 28th September

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Attendees are free to move between the two streams

Stream 1:

Speciality Feed Ingredients Regulation

08:20 — Registration and Networking Breakfast

08:50 — Chairs Opening Remarks
Joerg Seifert, Secretary General, FEFANA 

09:00Antimicrobial Resistance: Regulatory Options and Challenges From Around the World
Learn which markets are best suited to your product lines with a comprehensive review of global antibiotic legislation from the FAO
Daniela Battaglia, Livestock Production Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

09:35Updates on the Work of EFSA on Feed Additives
Help improve your product approval processes with insight into feed additives legislation
Jaume Galobart, Senior Scientific Officer, Feed Unit, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

10:15Recent EU Regulatory Changes & Trends Impacting Feed Formulations in Europe
A consultant shares case studies involving GMOs, animal welfare and salmonella, highlighting how new laws could impact this sector
Elinor McCartney, President, Pen and Tec Consulting

10:50 — Networking Tea and Coffee

11:20Supply Chain Operations: How to Prevent Feed Fraud Issues
Actions to prevent fraud that save you time, money and protect your reputation
Emmanuel Geneiatakis, Secretary General, FAMI-QS

11:55 — Organic Farming Regulation and Feed Additives
Which feed additives are viewed as organic in different regions and how are they controlled?
Joelle Katto-Andrighetto, Head of Organic Policy & Guarantee, IFOAM – Organics International
Giuseppe Luca Capodieci, Technical and Regulatory Manager, FEFANA

12:45 — Networking Lunch

Around the World: Markets of Interest

13:45 — Expectations for the Chinese Livestock Value Chain
Understand product approval regulations and expectations for the industry
Chuang Ma, Partner, Boyar

14:15 — Reviewing the Growth Potential in Africa for Feed Additives
Learn about the infrastructure across the region, trends and potential for the market
Rick Kleyn, Nutritionist Consultant, Spesfeed

14:45 — Reviewing the Growth Potential in the Middle East for Feed Additives
Insight into the potential for the region
Kaleem Iqbal Quazi, Consultant, Gulf Feed Formulators and Project Managers and Former CEO, Feeds, IFFCO

15:15 — Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Stream 2:

Overcoming Challenges in Antibiotic Free Farming

08:20 — Registration and Networking Breakfast

08:50 — Chairs Opening Remarks
Francesc Molist, R&D Manager, Schothorst Feed Research

09:00 — Antibiotic Free Farming: The Dutch Approach
What can the rest of the world learn from changes in Dutch farming practices?
Hetty Schreurs, Agency Manager, The Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Authority (SDa) and Head of Infection Biology, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR)

09:30 — Developments in Livestock Bacteriophage Research
How feed additives are supporting cost effective alternatives to antibiotics
Anisha Thanki, Bacteriophage Researcher, Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Leicester

Feed Additives Research

09:55 — Advanced Animal Nutrition for the Benefit of Human Health
Heather Hayes, Director of Food Innovation, Devenish Nutrition

10:25 — Advancements in Amino Acid Research
The latest research on optimum use of amino acids in feed formulation
Alfons Jansman, Senior Scientist, Wageningen Livestock Research

10:50 — Networking Tea and Coffee

11:20 — VIEWPOINTS SESSION: Preventing Stress in Livestock – What are the Solutions?
Examples of how feed additives actively help farmers reduce livestock stress
Sandra Edwards, Emerita Professor, Newcastle University
Kevin Vanneste
, Product Manager, Nuscience

12:10 — Developments in Mycotoxin Research
The latest scientific advancements in mycotoxin research
Alexander Yiannikouris, Research Group Director – Chemisty, Alltech

12:45 — Networking Lunch

Gut Health and Feed Additives

13:45 — Strategies to Measure Gut Heath
Assessing how to identify the optimum strategies for improving gut health
Filip Van Immerseel, Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghent

14:15Utilising Biomarkers to Establish Mode of Action and Efficacy of Additives
New methods to understand how additives work in the animal
Theo Niewold, Professor, University of Leuven

14:45 — A Technical Update on the use of Enzyme Technology
Reviewing advances in animal feed enzymes
Hadden GrahamGlobal Services Director, AB Vista

15:15 — Chairs Closing Remarks and End of Conference

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