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By aligning your firm with the key topics we have identified through extensive research, you can position your business at the forefront of the industry.

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Gold Partners

HQ Biosciences
HQ Biosciences

HQ Biosciences was established when they discovered a healthier way to make vitamins and amino acids. Founder, Dr. Q Pan, and a team of engineers revolutionized the industry by applying Nobel Prize–winning super-resolved fluorescence microscopy technology to traditional manufacturing methods. This resulted in trustworthy products with unmatched uniformity and purity. They are headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, in the United States and have manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities around the world.


Silver Partners

Nuscience Group
Nuscience Group

With more than 3.000 dedicated employees driven to excel every day, Royal Agrifirm Group contributes to a responsible food chain for future generations. We deliver measurable, relevant and sustainable value at farm, field and industry. Founded over 120 years ago in the Netherlands, we now are a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries in 15 countries within Europe, South America and Asia and a worldwide distribution network.

By globally combining years of scientific research with local, specific know-how in the arable and livestock feed sector, we offer our customers worldwide the best solutions for the challenges they face every day. With high quality animal feeds, premixes, concentrates, mineral mixes, additives for the animal feed industry, crop cultivation products, animal and crop specific digital solutions and professional advice, our group of subsidiaries offers arable and nutritional solutions for enterprising livestock farmers, integrators, feed mills, distributors and growers. Royal Agrifirm Group strives to be the preferred knowledge and solution-driven partner for our customers in animal nutrition, crop cultivation and animal, plant and soil health.

As a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, Nuscience offers their range of nutritional solutions via Nutrition4U and Health4U. Nutrition4U is a range of innovative and effective young animal nutrition concepts, customized premixes and high-performance concentrates. Health4U offers the most innovative additives and functional feed ingredients which play a major role in the health, well-being and overall performance of animals. We also provide nutritional solutions tailored to the specific local needs of our customers.


Pen & Tec
Pen & Tec

Pen & Tec is a specialist consultancy with over 15 years’ experience advising companies on the regulatory requirements for the food and animal feed industry in Europe. We help clients take food and feed products to market faster and offer strategic advice on optimising return on investment from their existing product portfolios.

Since incorporation, Pen & Tec has established a history of success in guiding clients through their regulatory affairs challenges for products including food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims. Our team of multidisciplinary, professional scientists is equipped to help you successfully register your product in the fastest time possible. We have helped clients overcome regulatory challenges in Europe for products such as food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims.

We have offices in the UK, Switzerland and Spain, and have expanded our global reach by increasing our network of associates, allowing us to offer regulatory services for food and feed products in other leading global markets such as the USA, China and Brazil.


Phileo Lesaffre
Phileo Lesaffre

By the year 2050, the planet will be home to more than 9 billion people.

Livestock farmers have to meet the growing demand for high-quality protein food products (milk and meat) to guarantee the safety of the increasingly demanding consumers (food safety, reduction in antibiotics use, etc.), in large volume and at a reasonable price to feed the planet. They are also faced with poor cereal quality, which affects animal health and performance.

Finding new solutions to meet the needs of future generations is a challenge that Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care embraces – we strive to enhance the lives of animals in order to better enhance the lives of people.

Positioned in the health through nutrition segment, Phileo is committed to delivering animal health and performance solutions that contribute to food safety and the responsible use of antibiotics. In every country, its progress is led by the most advanced science as well as practical on-farm experience.


Bronze Partners


Barentz Animal Nutrition is the division within Barentz (global technical ingredient distributor for food, feed, pharma and personal care | 900+ employees | 60+ countries) focusing on the trade in and distribution of derivative ingredients and additives for animal nutrition. Through different subsidiaries we add value by supplying ingredients, knowledge and solutions to our clients. We are mainly active in the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and UK, but also offer our products across the global Barentz network.

Our solid product knowledge and broad experience enable us to offer our clients a unique portfolio of ingredients which have been strategically sourced from carefully selected suppliers, joint ventures or produced by our own state of the art production and blending facilities. For these reasons all our ingredients meet the highest standards and quality requirements. Our main focus is on:

–          Proteins

–          Amino Acids

–          Vitamins

–          Carbohydrates

–          Yeasts

However we like to offer a one-stop-shop and can offer for instance also phosphates, fats and oils, organic acids, coulorants and much more. We are also strongly investing in sustainability related ingredients to feed the future. Examples are:

–          Lemna protein (100% natural high protein source)

–          Sea weed blends (specific blends for different species)

–          Single cell protein (byproduct from Lysine production)


Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Ltd/Oy

Biosafe is a contract research organisation (CRO) at the absolute cutting edge of safety applications in biotechnology. We are specialised in the safety assessment of feed additives to complete authorization processes. Our experts know which safety evaluations are required for feed additives, which allows for sensible and cost-effective planning of the required analyses. Our core competence includes the use of cell and molecular biology, microbiology as well as diverse biotechnological approaches in product safety research. In addition to biotesting, we use modern deep sequencing techniques and provide an extensive account of the qualities of the feed or production microbe already at the early stages of product development by applying genome-based safety assessment.

We are able to meet even the most demanding customer needs flexibly with the help of Biosafe’s wide cooperation and partnership network both in Finland and abroad. Many feed additives whose safety has been confirmed by Biosafe have been authorised by the European Union. Our operations follow the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard.


Erbo Spraytec AG

Erbo Spraytec AG is a Swiss technology provider and toll manufacturer for feed additives.

Spray granulation, matrix encapsulation (W/O and O/W), core/shell encapsulation, spray chilling, spray mixing, hot melt coating, agglomeration, instantisation are some of the key production processes Erbo Spraytec AG uses to manufacture custom-tailored products in the broad field of feed additives. For this purpose, Erbo Spraytec AG runs two large scale fluidized bed multiprocessor production plants of the newest technology, as well as two pilot plants for R&D on customer’s demand.

With our cutting edge technology, we convert active ingredients into free flowing and virtually dust-free powders with defined and specified product properties. A selection of those properties are: controlled release, target release, odour masking, taste masking, protection (against physical, chemical and mechanical influences), improvement of flowability and dosing, improvement of solubility and reduction of hygroscopicity.

Logistic services, warehousing and customized packaging (from big bags to small PE- bottles) complete our offering and highlight Erbo Spraytec AG as THE full line supplier.

However, the true strength of the POWDER PROFESSIONALS of Erbo Spraytec AG is the extensive expertise in fluidized bed technology and experience with sophisticated powder products since many decades.



Swiss-based KEMIEX is a premium trade network enabling safe and efficient trade through its pioneering online trading platform for buyers and sellers of additives and active ingredients (APIs) in animal and human nutrition and health industries.

Learn more about KEMIEX and the strategic partnership with world-leading ATRADIUS trade credit insurance at our Feed Additives Global booth and enter your first demo trade at the trading station there.

The KEMIEX platform instantly connects you to a global network of reliable counterparties that are compliant with latest regulations and quality controls, ensuring safe trade execution. KEMIEX helps you to minimize transaction lead times, to achieve more competitive prices and to stay in full control of your whole trading activity from A to Z.

Our vision is to make your buying, selling and trading safer, more efficient and convenient.



Lucta S.A. is a well-established Company in flavours, fragrances and feed additives. Based in Barcelona, Lucta operates globally from seven subsidiaries producing and delivering solutions to the main areas of feed production around the world.

Lucta is very proud to be recognized as a world leader in innovative and trustful feed flavours, being the feed intake the first limiting nutrient.

Lucta is living in the digital age, optimizing all available resources to produce the best adapted solutions.

Our innovation centre, located in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), equipped with the most modern technologies and the best professionals, together with our experimental farm and external collaborations, delivers the most avant-garde additives to tackle the challenges that faces animal production in the world, both in land animals and in aquaculture.


OCP Group
OCP Group

OCP Group is a key international player in the fertilizer market, backed with almost a century of history serving the phosphate industry and sustainable agriculture. Fully integrated across the entire value chain, OCP focused its strategy since 2012 on innovation and diversification to strengthen its market positions, developing a wide range of higher added-value products. With its new brand PHOSFEED, OCP is committed to offer superior quality feed products.


Pannonia Bio
Pannonia Bio

Pannonia Bio operates a biorefinery in Tolna County, Hungary. The plant uses state of the art production processes and is a nursery for development of new bio-based technologies. From its beginnings as a bioethanol producer in 2012, the refinery has doubled in size and developed into a multiproduct facility. Today, nutrition, health, biochemical and fuel bioproducts are manufactured as alternatives to fossil materials.

The biorefinery is the largest ethanol plant in Europe, one of the most efficient refineries in the world and has a mission to mitigate climate change. The plant’s success is based on a continuous €250 million performance-based investment program. Engineering expertise in ethanol production has enabled diversification into new product streams using grain-based biotechnology.

Located on the banks of the Danube close to the town of Dunaföldvár, the refinery processes over 1.1 million tons of feed corn to produce 350,000 tons of protein-rich animal feed, 500 million litres of bioethanol and 15,000 tons of corn oil annually. Production of animal feed increases European food security while Pannonia Bio Ethanol protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from petrol by 67%.

The refinery creates a substantial market for locally produced feed corn, making the plant a key operator in the Hungarian maize market. The company continuously seeks opportunities to strengthen local partner relations, contributing nearly 500 million euros to Hungary’s GDP and supporting over 2,000 jobs, mostly in rural communities.

Pannonia Bio is a subsidiary of Ethanol Europe Renewables Limited (EERL), an Irish agribusiness headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.



SPAROS is a science and technology-driven SME dedicated to the development and testing of new products and tailored nutritional solutions for the aquaculture market. We offer the alliance of a strong scientific background in the areas of fish nutrition and aquaculture, with a flexible pilot-scale feed mill.

Our team masters key concepts, techniques and methodologies in the areas of aquafeed technology, fish nutrition and rearing, digestive physiology, nutritional modulation of metabolism and immune status. Besides all auxiliary manufacturing equipment (hammermill, mixers, dryers, automatic sieves, crumbler), the pilot plant is equipped with a twin-screw extruder, a vacuum coater for post-extrusion application of fats and heat-labile additives and a fluid-bed dryer for the encapsulation of bioactive compounds. Besides the manufacture of small custom-made batches of aquafeeds for R&D activities, SPAROS plays also an important role as a provider of in vivo nutrition trials with fish (tilapia, trout, carp, seabream, seabass,…) and shrimp for evaluating the efficacy and tolerance of novel raw materials and feed additives.


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