MiXscience are partners of Feed Additives Asia 2018. We spoke with Bernard Gozlan – Territory Manager Asia.

[Feed Additives]: Please provide an overview of your company and your role

[Bernard Gozlan] MiXscience is an innovative company with expertise in nutrition and animal production, part of Avril Group, the leading industrial and financial player of the French vegetable oil and protein industry.

MiXscience animal experts help farmers and feed producers to improve performances at least cost and answer consumers’ expectations in their market.

Our offer includes a wide range of products and services. The range of products goes from premixes, basemixes, special feeds, nutritional specialties and innovative Feed Additives. Our offer of services concerns various sectors such as nutrition, industry and farm management.

Our expertise around Feed Additives is illustrated with the concept VSTAR Technology. Products can be vectorized for specific applications. The vectorization ensures that additives are used effectively in order to improve farms’ technical, sanitary and economic performances.

We help feed producers to better evaluate the use of their feed additives and avoid accumulating products in formulation without mastering clearly their ROI (Return on Investment).

I am Bernard Gozlan, in charge of the business development of MiXscience in Asia. I study with our Experts and formulators the needs of the Asian customers to get profitable solution that are not simple insurance.

[Feed Additives]: How has the market changed during your time in the industry?

[Bernard Gozlan] There was a big shift regarding the feed industry. It started with sanitary crises in Europe, seeing consumers’ expectations increased a lot and forcing feed industry to play a role. Today the biggest concern we are facing in Europe is antibiotic resistance and finding solution to reinforce the immunity of animals. As the transference of resistance genes from animal to human microbiota is possible, we have to be very careful in the way we use antibiotics. Especially, we should restrict the use of antibiotics as growth promoters and be very careful regarding our practices in terms of prophylaxis and metaphylaxis. European markets have banned Antibiotics Growth Promoters since 2006, and some markets are gradually prohibiting some of them (eg Vietnam, Korea, China etc…). As a company offering both products and services and with experience facing this issue, we are able to advice our customers to help them reducing antibiotics use without impairing performances and so profit. This is especially useful if players want to export to some markets (Europe, USA, Japan…)

In fact, MiXscience developed the Sustainable Animal Health Management (SAHM) approach, aims to preserve the good health of farm animals in order to reduce the use of antibiotics and ensure the good quality of finished products.

[Feed Additives]: What are the biggest challenges your customers are facing?

[Bernard Gozlan] Our customers extend from feed manufacturers, basemixers, integrators, distributors to stakeholders in animal production sectors. They are all looking for high performance in their sector, with profitability but they also want to answer societal expectations (quality protein sources, good taste of products, less antibiotics use,…). Sometimes, it is quite hard to make all of it happen. They have to be supported by suppliers with solid experience to make them succeed.

Our customers need global solutions and do not find them in some unique products. We are offering services that help understanding measures to be taken at farm and feed plant and help them to execute them.

Our experience is based on our international customers that manage more than 8 million tons of feed and thousands of farms for all species.

[Feed Additives]: How do you think the market will evolve in the next 20 years?

[Bernard Gozlan] I can think of 3 big trends:

  • Consumers’ awareness and fear against antibiotic resistance will increase and spread globally.
  • In the same time, market segmentation will be wider with consumers that look for quality and healthy products, such as enriched eggs and antibiotic free meats. There will be some space for differentiated productions.
  • Finally, there are more and more initiatives supporting animal welfare. We have to be ready for new regulations.

[Feed Additives]: What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

[Bernard Gozlan] I’m looking forward to meeting the feed additives and feed industry professionals in Asia and to hear new information during the conferences. I’m sure we will learn more about trends in the Asian market.