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Find interviews with key speakers from our events and news stories about the Feed Additives industry

902, 2018

Interview: Caprienzymes and the Challenges of Domestic Small-Sized Enzyme Companies in India

February 9th, 2018|Asia 2018, Interviews|

Established in 2010, Caprienzymes is a forward-looking Indian biotechnology company with a vision of a more ecological future spurred by converting traditional bio processes to more modern techniques. Initially focused on the leather industry, Caprienzymes later entered the animal nutrition industry. Today, the company specializes in probiotics and enzymes [...]

801, 2018

Interview: Fast Progress Seen for Chinese Feed Industry Development

January 8th, 2018|Asia 2018, Feed Additives 2017, Interviews|

Speaking to Feedinfo News Service, Professor Qi Guang-Hai of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences' Feed Research Institute who is speaking at Feed Additives Asia 2018, argues that 220 million tons of industrial animal feed output by 2020, up 11% from 2015 – a target which may seem ambitious to [...]

401, 2018

Interview: A Glimpse of BRI’s Future in Feed Enzymes

January 4th, 2018|Asia 2018, Interviews|

BioResource International (BRI) who have partnered with us for Feed Additives Asia 2018, taking place in Bangkok in May, spoke with Feedinfo News Service back in October 2017 to discuss their future in feed enzymes. North Carolina-based agricultural biotechnology firm BioResource International (BRI) has been spending the past couple [...]

2012, 2017

Interview: The DSM Perspective on Vitamin Volatility – Market Overview

December 20th, 2017|Feed Additives 2017, Interviews|

DSM who partnered with us for our first event in Frankfurt, Feed Additives 2017, spoke with Feedinfo News Service to share their perspective on vitamin volatility. There has been much recent discussion about the state of flux in the feed vitamin market. Gertjan de Koning has recently joined DSM [...]

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