Project Description

Janos Gal

Senior Analyst
Feedinfo News Service

Janos Gal has been a journalist since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, honours degree in journalism from Edinburgh Napier University.

His work has been featured by Agence France-Presse, Global Journalist magazine, the Estrella de Arica daily in Chile, Nepszabadsag Travel in Hungary,, and many international titles in London.

He has also been interviewed by NPR Radio in the US and France24 in Paris whilst reporting from the Kolontar  chemical disaster. He is also editor of two regional railway related websites in Sussex, one of them is South Coast Mainline and the other is Saint Leonards and Hastings Rail Improvement Programme, with the aim of bringing faster trains to the region. In addition, his previous blog featured in an interview in French magazine Marianne.

Janos has travelled extensively in Europe, South America, Morocco, Australia, Asia and the United States as well as Canada.