Project Description

Jim Shepard

Senior Director of Live Operations
Wayne Farms

Jim Shepard is Senior Director of Live Operations for Wayne Farms LLC, directing all aspects of live production including management of over 1,300 contract breeder, broiler and pullet farms, and oversight of the company’s hatcheries, feed mill operations, nutritional, veterinary and live transportation services for 11 production facilities in six states. On any given day, Mr. Shepard’s responsibilities span 62 million chickens in various stages of production across the southeastern US.

During Mr. Shepard’s 7+ years with Wayne Farms, the company has seen signficant live production expansion, enhanced bio-security programs at all facilities, and construction of the largest start-up poultry feed mill in the nation. An expert in poultry production and regulatory compliance, Mr. Shepard is FACTA certified and has been a key player directing customer-facing live production nutritional initiatives including veggie-diet and antibiotic-free (RWA and NAE) programs, enhanced animal welfare initatives and newly-implemented poultry handling and housing changes related to the company’s Global Animal Partnership GAP 2 initiative.

Mr. Shepard graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Poultry Science and minor in Business. He has served as Executive Board member and Vice Chair of the North Carolina Poultry Federation, board member of the Delmarva Peninsula and South Carolina Poultry Federations and just recently ended his board term as Executive Board Member and Chairman of the Board of the Georgia Poultry Federation.

His 40+ years of industry experience includes stints as Live Operations Director at Mountaire Farms, Sr. Sales Manager with Alpharma, Inc., Live Production Manager with Goldkist and Breeder/Hatchery Manager with both Cargill and Lane Poultry. His expertise managing large, vertically-integrated poultry production operations have resulted in numerous awards over the years. Mr. Shepard and his wife Carmen reside in Buford, Ga., and have five children and five grandchildren.