Project Description

Martijn de Cocq

Lead Analyst
Feedinfo News Service

Martijn graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2002 as a logistics engineer from the University of Amsterdam. After being active as a logistics consultant for some time, he started working at Provimi Netherlands in 2004 as a purchaser of micro feed ingredients, specializing in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. In the years after that Martijn has been active in various purchasing, sales and trading roles around micro feed ingredients, working mainly with amino acids and vitamins. He has built up a lot of experience with the premix and compound feed industry as well as direct sourcing of amino acids and vitamins from several regions, but with a focus on Asia.

In the last 2,5 years Martijn has been working at Cargill Animal Nutrition in The Netherlands as a trading lead for feed ingredients, specialized in amino acids and vitamins. Most recently he has joined Feedinfo News Service as an expansion of the analyst team.