Pricing Update from Feedinfo News Service

2019 has been a very interesting year so far when it comes to market dynamics around vitamins and amino acids and we foresee a lot more volatility in at least 2019 – 2020.

On the surface, the amino acids market is looking very calm and steady this year, but underneath we see all-time low prices, oversupply and concerns from manufacturers around profitability and a sustainable operation going forward. And when we look closely at the vitamin market, there is a lot of volatility going on and the situation can be changing by the day. Feedinfo has just published the latest market and price overview of a wide range of amino acids and vitamins, which you can read here and should give a good overview of the current situation.

African Swine Fever is a big theme currently and is starting to have a serious effect on the supply and demand ratios of a wide range of feed additives and raw materials. Clear examples of that we see now in ample supply of amino acids, which are not consumed anymore in the pig feed industry, due to the decreasing pig population.

And when it comes to the recent chain of explosions at chemical production plants, there is an ongoing trend of implementing even stricter regulations and standards around safety and environment. We see that is having its impact on the whole supply chain and is affecting and disrupting the pipeline on a global basis.

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